2013 fall fashion trends:

My strategy” The motorcycle jacket trend is still going strong, and i feel like you can definitely have more than one style. I’ll wear mine with boots and a dress, as i do many of my jackets or with heels and jeans. I always like my more feminine-looking outfits to sometimes have a masculine twist here and there to soften them up. Other wise, the effect can be to aggressive.”Scan_Pic0337

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Apple of your eye: Classically romantic yet refreshingly modern, red is a natural accent choice for your wedding. Make a statement with a beautiful obi Sash on your gown and carry the look through all the details, like matching tops and skirts. For more on bridal and fashion tips contact April at http://tips.aprilburn.com/wp/admin www.wickidpissapublicity.comScan_Pic0328