Dating with style

You never see him more than a few days in advance: This means he’s trying to keep his schedule open in case something better comes along. His way i advice never try to keep or hold on to something/someone that does not want or wish to be kept! keep it moving ladies, your beautiful one monkey, don’t stop no show. Hell that’s how he see’s you trust me. Your just one monkey in his show who’s most likely not even worth your time, energy, or love.Scan_Pic0244

Dating with style.

Mr player aka the honeymooner, i call this guy the honeymooner because of how long things remain fabulous while dating this guy. The first few weeks or month is sheer bliss. This guy starts off real aggressive, hot and heavy. He can’t see you often enough, calls all the time and declares his love for you early on. He’s so romantic, thoughtful and attentive that you think you’ve hit the love jackpot and won. You think he seems to good to be true. Well he is. This guy is a classic neophilliac. He loves the thrill of the chase, once bittten he’s gone.scan0245

Hot! summer style trends.

Trends for women so we all know, she trends don’t really change all that much from spring to summer. i mean, if a color is hot in spring, it’s generally going to be popular in the summer months as well. But usually the biggest style and trend shifts are from summer to fall, and winter to spring. Now those same trends that are popular in spring might look very different on summer shoe styles, then of course, some styles, are just more popular during the summer example sandals, or flip flops, now you have a few new trends to look forward to each may or june.scan0288

Dating with style:

Are you afraid to commit to a relationship so you’ve been in a relationship for a while but you just cannot get yourself to commit to your partner. So what is it. Tip#1 personal issues. You may have personal matters that make you wary of commitment.Tip#2 Self esteem self worth. Is your opinion of yourself  low? does your sense of self make you believe that no body of value would commit to you?. To commit to a relationship you must know that you are a person of worth deserving of the very best in life. Tip# 3 Maturity. Do you feel ready for commitment? If  not, what makes you think that you cannot handle commitment? Do you feel that you first need to accomplish certain things before getting into a committed relationship? How will a committed relationship stop you from accomplishing these things/goals? Be honest with yourself.Scan_Pic0189

Hot! summer style:

Tried And true summer style sure, we all have our own style, but when one of us finds something truly extraordinary, you might hear us calling ”twenties”. Just in time for the start of summer, we rounded up fashion and beauty essentials we can’t live without. So do good and look good too. Shop Deshaynior’s Designer wares at  for do it yourself style tips email us, today! at dniornior@yahoo.comscan0013