April Deshaynior

Continue to follow april’s amazing ¬†journey through the amazing world of the entertainment & fashion industry, as she brings you wonderful styles, fashion trends, and shares with her diva fans how to love yourself and your own unique styles, as she forges her own path, to success.Follow her at www.twitter.com/deshaynior www.facebook.com/dniornior¬†copy-Scan_Pic0135.jpghttp://youtu.be/WbWysupUSKo.com

Deshaynior bridal boutique

Deshaynior bridal designs are chic, elegant, and sophisticated,Deshaynior design house now caters to their brides to be by offering them a chance to attend monthly bridal & fashion trunk shows held throughout florida, area’s for information about attending one of these fabulous and amazing shows conact www.wickidpissapublicity.com PR Josh mitchell. or visit www.dshayniorfashions.com and a stylist, or rep, will contact you.scan0233

Hot fashions

It’s all in the details ladies, smartly shaped an well put enjoy a cozy sophisticated, by expressing yourself in this form fitt flattering knit dress. some of you may say it’s a witnter look well not if the sleeves, are removable.Scan_Pic0269

hot fashions

2013 spring and summer hot trends are fabulous! fresh Sophisticated, very classic, The spring and summer 2013 fashion collections have made their way to the runway, most” designers” have once again taken inspiration from the classic designs of the late 1960s. The era where” Jacqueline Onassis” set the trend of classic fashions. in regards to colors, the spring of 2013 will usher in lots of black and white, As always……Black and white fashions defy time,Scan_Pic0262