Plus Size diva’s style tips.

Let me share some styling tips for my fabulous plus size diva’s first one must identify their body shape in order to obtain a good look, you need to wear the correct style of clothing for your body shape, to identify your body shape, stand in front of the mirror, and note the following: are you in proportion, with wide hips and a wide bust, and a smaller waist- you have an hourglass figure. if your narrow on top, with narrow wide hips you have a pear shape figure.keep in mind your body shape will dictate how you should go about choosing any type of clothing. as a plus size woman it would be helpful to wear different styles of plus size women’s clothing, to flatter your personal figure. best rule is to always highlight your best assets, while down playing the less positive features of your personal figure. Example if you have an hourglass figure you will want to highlight your curves-an hourglass figure looks wonderful in very classical clothing,Scan_Pic0172