Bridal Trend Driven: 2014

Your new life together begins in a paradise where everything is included ”Where are you going on your honeymoon?” That’s the question everyone will be asking as you plan your wedding. So when you tell them, ”we’re going to sandals,” don’t be surprised when you hear a lot of oohs and ahs in return. After all, nobody does honeymoons better than sandals Resorts. A sandals Luxury included Honeymoon gives you more ways to begin your new life together in paradise. Here, love is all you need, because sandals  include everything else. So you can do it all or nothing at all. Play together on land, with every land sport imaginable-including Championship – Golf. Explore together on or below the sea, with every watersport under the sun-even unlimited scuba diving is included. At the end of the day, an impossibly luxurious, incredibly unique suite awaits-perhaps one with butler service. And there’s nothing more romantic than a firepit at the edge of the sea.

Your new life begins in paradise!...
Your new life begins in paradise!…


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