Wedding Dress Shopping Tips For 2014!

How to shop for your gown/dress.
How to shop for your gown/dress.


By Celebrity Style Expert April Burns, April say’s That You shouldn’t delay your shopping! Generally, a custom gown can take about 16 weeks or more to create, which doesn’t include time for alterations, which can take weeks more. All in all, you could be looking at as long as 24 weeks, and if you’re a Savvy Planner, you want to allow a little bit of breathing room in between. April say’s the more the merrier! feel free to bring pictures of what you like and more importantly, what you don’t like to your appointment. You and your consultant will just be getting to know each other, and a picture is much more concrete than a verbal description. Also bring only the essential friend with you when you go dress shopping I understand that there is always a huge list of people who want to come with you when you’re trying on your gown, but you should only bring the ones whose opinions matter to you. SIGN UP TODAY!!  For our NEXT! Bridal Seminar! or our spiritually inspiring women workshops! See You there.

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