2014, Media/Press:Style Expert Battles with Breast Fibrosistic Disease,

Battles breast Disease.
Battles breast Disease.

Style expert April Burns

Celebrity Style Expert April Burns, Discovers she has a none life threatening Breast Disease, April Burns has had an difficult uphill battle most of her life. Several years ago her two year old toddler daughter,was brutally murdered, Through her boundless courage and determination, April has fought through all the limitations and doubts and has truly accomplished more than anyone ever thought possible. From looking at all April has gone through and still has accomplished so much in her life, from a celebrity Style Expert, Fashion Designer, Bridal Expert, and motivational speaker, Author, to the CEO and Founder of Deshaynior Design House, One would never know that she has gone through all that she has or that she suffers from a debilitating an often very painful breast disease, April is best known for her role as mom, something April Credits as one of  her greatest accomplishments. Through all the pain and triumphs, April has managed never to forget where she came from and all who supported her along the way. She credits God for all her pain, struggles, and accomplishments. April says without them I wouldn’t be the woman, I’am today. Now armed with a lifetime of stories and knowledge about her success, hardship, pain, and exciting experiences. April has begun to pen her new book that chronicles all that she has endured. I’m so excited to be involved with what I know to be an very inspirational and intriguing story, said April about her new book. For information about celebrity style expert April Burns, feel free to visit www.wickidpissapublicity.com  www.aprilburn.com  April is available for bookings, appearances,  interviews.

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