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Skirt Length: ”What not to wear” proclaims ” Miniskirts after 35”. In fact, they’re a challenge at many ages unless you’re blessed with shapely legs. If your gams are great, You don’t have to trash your miniskirts completely, but forego wearing them bare-legged. Pair them with tights and knee-high boots, or leggings and flats. Neckline depth:By the same token, watch the plunging neckline, Ladies. A little decollete is fine for evening, but it looks cheap on younger women, and terribly aging on the rest of us. Try to wrap top or boat neck. Too Trendy ┬áitems: Nothing says Trying too hard like sporting an outfit-or even an obvious item-straight from the racks at hot topic. This is not to advocate dowdiness; there is a world of choices in between forever 17 and Talbolt’s.

Every age fab Tips www.aprildeshaynior.com
Every age fab Tips www.aprildeshaynior.com

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