Wedding Tips

April Says when you really want to save big money on your wedding, trim the guest list. As you know , expenses oninuitations, Favors, catering and so on are multiplied by the number of guests your having. And the more people, the bigger the venue required. Tip! Divide the guest list fairly if you insist on inviting 500 people to your wedding, What would stop your groom from doing the same? Even if you’re the boss of him and he succumbs to every one of your wish, it’s not really nice to have a lion share of the guest list. Divide it evenly so it would be easier for you to cut down the list. Tip#2 Establish rules and follow them. For Example, you and your groom can decide that the wedding is off-limits to second cousins, parents friends, and friends of friends make sure the rules are applied to both you and everyone.

Rules on setting a guest list.
Rules on setting a guest list.


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