Fall 2013 bedroom Clutter tips.

Your bedroom is the one room in the house that should feel like no other. Relaxation and unwinding from a stressful day should be a regular occurrence in your bedroom what if you feel like your bedroom is too small to feel relaxed in? The size of your bedroom has you puzzled as to decorating, organizing and maximizing ┬áit’s small nature. Your bedroom can be all you dream of with some simple idea’s and tips. If you are a small bedroom owner let’s look at 10 tips to bring relaxing, big space idea’s back into your small sanctuary. Tip# 1 Remove as much clutter Tip#2 Buy furniture that maximizes wall space. Tip#3 Scale your decor by the size of your bed. Tip #4 Add visual intrest too your ceiling. Tip#5 A reading ”’Nook” will make your room relaxing. Tip#6 Choose dressers and armoires that are appropriate for your room size. Tip#7 Find creative uses for storage Tip#8 To have or not to have a television Tip#9 Choose your colors wisely Tip# 9 Create a focal point Tip#10 sheer curtains can create an open and airy feeling by allowing natural sunlight to enter while still retaining privacy. An abundance of artwork with stylish curtains and bedding can transform a tiny, cramped space into a luxurious small bedroom design that oozes style and class.Try a crystal sphere table lamp this will add the finishing touch. Says Style & beauty Expert, April Burns for more about April’s many Design & style Talents visit her at www.shop.deshaynior.com

April  burns on her bedroom/tips.
April burns on her bedroom/tips.

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