Expert Advice/on fall 2013,Bridal Trends

April burns nations leading fashion, bridal & beauty Expert, Says so what’s in store for fall ┬ábridal, fashion trends this year? April burns, Fashion, bridal & beauty Expert!! Shared some amazing fashion trends with us that she observed from her clients the past few months. Here is what she says is on deck for fall 2013, Wedding issues. Mismatched maids. Bride’s

Deshaynior bridals.
April burns gives some fall 2013, wedding tips

are more and more willing to let their maids express a little personal style. Tons of pattern mixing & matching, florals, and even solid colors. Neutrals, Ivory, White & blush. The old rule only the bride wears white is out the window for some bridal parties this year. Cultural Elements . Various cultural backgrounds are becoming prominant in engagement shoots, and day-of decor & festivities, Whimsical & lighthearted outdoor weddings. Yep, the stuff your wedding dreams are made of. Literally. If you like these tips and idea’s above, Just Subscribe for our monthly Deshaynior bridal/wedding news letter Tips/. You Just might find some amazing wedding tips and style idea’s by Expert, April burns. For your self guide visit

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