Dating like a bad girl.

Silent treatment: The king of all signs is the pulling away slowly, by emotionally or physically withdrawing from the relationship. When a guy is just not intrested in a future, he stops calling changes his phone number, The visits become less and less frequent, and emotionally he has already packed his bags and booked the flight to singlesville, If you are recognizing any of these symptoms in your guy, it’s time to move on. Actions speak louder than words. If he’s not putting in the effort to make it or have it then it’s time to sit up and take notice. When a guy is telling you with his words that he’s not intrested or ready for what you need and showing you in his actions that you are not on his top priority, Don’t ignore the message. Hold your beautiful head up high and keep it moving forward with your own life, without him, Time is so precious and time waits on no one. Once it’s lost, We can’t get it back. So make sure you are giving yourself, and your time to men who are worth the investment. Finding a love match that treats you right and wants to spend quality time with you. So don’t settle for less and waste your time on mr. Wrong. Now unless your just both having fun then ok.Scan_Pic0136.jpg

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