Dating with style:

Here are four tips to working on your marriage or relationship.Tip # 1 Honesty shouldn’t be just a word used in a sentence, but is a basic, rock solid foundation you can build a strong relationship on. Talking to each other with honesty and sincerity.Tip #2 Acceptance isn’t just agreeing on who does what chores or pays the bills. Acceptance is the destination of a relationship where each partner knows the other deep inside themselves. Acceptance is not wanting to change the other person. Tip #3 True love: Bottom line, my beautiful couples, if you truly want each other, find a way to work it out. “Make the time” to be together and enjoy it as if it was your last day together and you will be building a strong relationship that will win over the test of time. Tip# 4 Is take responsibility for yourself. If each of you follows this one rule, the blame game shouldn’t be happening every other day.The responsibility issues may weigh heavier with one partner than the other, but it always takes two for the marriage or any relationship to work or not work.Scan_Pic0270

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