Dating like a bad girl,

The typical signs he wants you and your relationship. He takes charge. He is the one who asked you out to begin with and throughout your time together he is the one who sets dates up and invites you. He usually has an idea of what he would like the two of you to do, he makes you a priority. When you call him on the phone he’ll answer you right away, or if not, he calls you back within a ┬ácouple of hours. He makes it a point to see you often. He respects you enough to wait. He may have made a play to get you in the sack already, and that doesn’t necessarily means he’s a jerk.Men tend to want to start the sexual side of a relationship before women are ready to. If ┬áhe tried and you said no and he sticks around then he likes and respects you and your decision to wait. Now keep in mind all guys, are different so just because some act this way don’t mean he’s wanting a serious relationship with you. So do keep all your options open.cropped-Scan_Pic0188.jpg

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