Dating with style! 2015

What’s a keeper to a man. She never gives in easily, and the standards/requirements start the moment you open your mouth. see, she understands her power and wields it like a samurai sword. She commands-not demands-respect, just by the way she carries herself. You can walk up to her and give her your best game, and while she may be impressed by what you say, that’s no guarantee that she’s going to let the conversation go any further, much less give you her phone number and agree to give you some of her valuable time. Men automatically know from the moment she opens her muth that if they want her, they’ll have to get in line with her standards and requirements, or keep it moving because she’s done with game and isn’t interested in playing. But she will also send all the signals that she is capable of being loyal to a man and taking good care of him, appreciative of what he’s bringing to the relationship, and ready for love-true, long-lasting love.IMG_1129.jpg

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