Wednesday’s Style Tip! 2015.

Check out today’s sexy! bridal &style Blog on It’s ”colorful pants day with April B! This week, my theme for the blog is still basic in case you couldn’t tell. Lol. I got creative with this denim theme ( of course I can’t wera it as regular pants….nope, nope, nope!) So, I decided to add a top with it and add some flats, to complete the look. Because I wanted to draw the waist in a little, I added a belt (belts are one of my favorite accessories.!) Those Those heels are bad! I liove them, but dog it.. They not the most comfortable! shoe! Thank goodness I didn’t have to wear them! for long Because I ended up in my flates to complete the look, check out the link… Make sure to follow me! #April B #Fablife #styleeexpert 2015!

Check April's sexy fashion & bridal tips!
Check April’s sexy fashion & bridal tips!

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