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How to make up with your man.Apologize to your spouse. Whether or not you were right about the subject of the fight is not important. Give your spouse space when needed. Take some responsibility. Did you snap at your partner? are you trying to control the outcome of the fight? Be humble. Sometimes if you can apologize for something you did even if you didn’t” start” it. Try letting go of being right. Wanting to win an argument is the surest way to keep it going. Let your partner learn in his or her own way. You can only control yourself and your own pace of learning. Appreciate your partner. The sooner you two can experience some form of joy and a light heart, the better.

April burns fashion experts,
April burns fashion experts,

What to wear to a wedding!

Fashion Designer, bridal & beauty Expert, April Deshaynior burns, Talks about what to wear to a wedding April says with wedding season upon us, Here are some of the hottest trends, and starting with a sexy sophisticated stretch satin dress. I love a satin dress she says because it’s beautiful and rich in tones that actually work on a lot of different skin tones an also, most of them have great cowl necks. April says i love that because it’s elegant an it makes it just so perfect for any summer wedding. So ladies, ” where do we start? well. Whether you’re in a wedding or simply on the guest list for one, your going to want to look and feel your absolute best. And we have so many trends going on. We’ve seen on the red carpet and on the runways beautiful trends, Lot’s of romantic details, lot’s of beautiful colors-there’s so much to choose from. But what i have done is I’ve chosen some really great replica’s of those same trends at fabulous prices from boutiques like David’s bridal. Deshaynior rental boutique, So whether your petite or plus size or tall, no matter what your size you can find fashion forward dresses at prices you can afford for your upcoming wedding or any occasion, really.

What to wear to a wedding.
What to wear to a wedding.

Shoeology Trends

With Celebrity Fashion, bridal & beauty Expert, April burns, Get ready to talk shoes!!  April is Ice Cream Magazine’s Fashion Contributor and she’ll be answering all your burning stiletto, wedge, and sandal Q’s Every week, as well as give inside Glimpses into her own amazing collection. This week’s edition is all about foot wear basics- Check! Out April’s Next Weeks Bridal Issue, and must have Styles April thinks you should have. April Say’s as a Woman, My Motto is ”you can never have to many shoe’s, However, there are styles that should definitely be in your closet. The right pair of shoes can make the difference when it comes to completing your look and shoes will ultimately take you and your style to the next level. Tip#1 April says in order for her to wear the ballet flat, shoe it has to be plain no embellishment when it comes to shoes, April Says She makes certain that she makes a bold statement. But mostly her comfort comes first. She says the best flats, on the market are the Tony Burch and they are perfect for traveling or carrying in your purse if your feet are tired from wearing heels. Tip# 2 The Thong Sandal, For those of you who don’t know me just yet. I actually love wearing thong sandals. In the summer, I will wear my favorite Tony Burch, or Louis Vuitton, thong sandals, with My maxi dress, Leggings, or everyday Maxi skirts, Love them for that casual look!! Tip #3 The Classic Pump, Who doesn’t have a simple black pump? This shoe will work perfectly with a suit, not to mention it’s a timeless piece. It’s even perfect with a nice dress and even a pair of skinny Jeans, with a Blazer. ( Christian Louboutin) has perfect Simple Black pumps that are sure to last you a very long time-Those are my must haves! Tip#4  Tall Boots, This is a must-have for winter in order to stay warm. April says she would recommend flat boots as well as Stiletto boots depending on your mood. Some people definitely prefer not to wear heels all the time, like myself, but you already know that i love my stiletto’s Tip#5 The wedge sneakers, This is definitely a new trend and i don’t believe it will last to long, But for now it’s okay to have at least one pair in your closet, My favorites are the Giuseppe Zanotti’s!  April says she have all of them and they are so super comfy!! April says try out these shoe sites for more shoe styles and tips
Five Shoe Essentials & styles.

April says so whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with any of these shoes! which shoe essentials do you need in your life? Tweet@ Icecreamagazine or @Deshaynior and leave a comment below xo A Deshaynior B.

Fall 2013 bedroom Clutter tips.

Your bedroom is the one room in the house that should feel like no other. Relaxation and unwinding from a stressful day should be a regular occurrence in your bedroom what if you feel like your bedroom is too small to feel relaxed in? The size of your bedroom has you puzzled as to decorating, organizing and maximizing  it’s small nature. Your bedroom can be all you dream of with some simple idea’s and tips. If you are a small bedroom owner let’s look at 10 tips to bring relaxing, big space idea’s back into your small sanctuary. Tip# 1 Remove as much clutter Tip#2 Buy furniture that maximizes wall space. Tip#3 Scale your decor by the size of your bed. Tip #4 Add visual intrest too your ceiling. Tip#5 A reading ”’Nook” will make your room relaxing. Tip#6 Choose dressers and armoires that are appropriate for your room size. Tip#7 Find creative uses for storage Tip#8 To have or not to have a television Tip#9 Choose your colors wisely Tip# 9 Create a focal point Tip#10 sheer curtains can create an open and airy feeling by allowing natural sunlight to enter while still retaining privacy. An abundance of artwork with stylish curtains and bedding can transform a tiny, cramped space into a luxurious small bedroom design that oozes style and class.Try a crystal sphere table lamp this will add the finishing touch. Says Style & beauty Expert, April Burns for more about April’s many Design & style Talents visit her at

April  burns on her bedroom/tips.
April burns on her bedroom/tips.

For Immediate Release:

Fashion Expert April Burns Will Style A Feature Page For Ice Cream Magazine. Orlando, Florida september 23- Fashion Designer, and Bridal Expert and co-founder of Deshaynior Design House, April burns will share her advice and knowledge by styling celebrity covers and editing a page for readers in ” Ice Cream Magazine. In addition, April will be launching her new men’s line ”Devon Husk”, a collection that inspires social awareness through style. Being one of the nation’s now most sought after style and beauty experts, April burns is highly regarded for her distinct ability to analyze trends, bringing them to the public through her styling of celebrities. April burns has worked with some of the most famous names in fashion and music, Icon’s such as Scan_Pic0137.jpgArtist Nelly, Lil Sammy from Tampa Florida, She’s worked with actress April Hong, In addition to co-founding Deshaynior Design House, April burns is a proud partner with st. Jude’s Children’s hospital, Where her company helps raise awareness and donations for families, of  sick children that are struggling with some life threatening illnesses over the past two years. For more information about Deshaynior Design house and it’s co-founder April Deshaynior burns, Check out  About April Burns, Fashion Designer, Bridal Expert, CEO and Co-founder of Deshaynior Design house. April is represented by wickid pissa publicity national PR Firm. website:

Expert Advice/on fall 2013,Bridal Trends

April burns nations leading fashion, bridal & beauty Expert, Says so what’s in store for fall  bridal, fashion trends this year? April burns, Fashion, bridal & beauty Expert!! Shared some amazing fashion trends with us that she observed from her clients the past few months. Here is what she says is on deck for fall 2013, Wedding issues. Mismatched maids. Bride’s

Deshaynior bridals.
April burns gives some fall 2013, wedding tips

are more and more willing to let their maids express a little personal style. Tons of pattern mixing & matching, florals, and even solid colors. Neutrals, Ivory, White & blush. The old rule only the bride wears white is out the window for some bridal parties this year. Cultural Elements . Various cultural backgrounds are becoming prominant in engagement shoots, and day-of decor & festivities, Whimsical & lighthearted outdoor weddings. Yep, the stuff your wedding dreams are made of. Literally. If you like these tips and idea’s above, Just Subscribe for our monthly Deshaynior bridal/wedding news letter Tips/. You Just might find some amazing wedding tips and style idea’s by Expert, April burns. For your self guide visit

Fashion Designer Bridal,& beauty Expert,

April Deshaynior Burns Talks, About Fall’s 2013 Blazers, Believe it or not they can be worn with almost anything April Says because it can be worn both outdoors and in. It always looks professional, and is a good way to bump up an otherwise casual outfit to something put-together and office appropriate. Blazers will never go out of style, but this season the Trend is a blazer with only one or two buttons, with a low stance fastening well below the bust. Wear it with a slim pant, skinny Jeans, pencil skirt, or structured trouser.
Two button-grey Designer Blazer,

Fall 2013 shoe Trends:

Top Styles in women shoes for fall Among 2013’s fall top shoes  for women are a variety of styles in flats, Chunky, Lower heels; and casual ankle boots. But that’s not all. Her you are Ladies!!! D’orsays, Oxfords, Loafers, & other flats. Flats are always hot, especially with certain women. But this year, we’re seeing a wider variety of styles than ever. And even though there are no shortage of classic ballet flats to be found. This fall, You can also choose from menswear-inspired oxfords; d’orays and two-piece flats; Simple flats with pointy toes; smoking slippers; honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a variety. Most flats, go well with Jeans, Leggings, Casual or dress pants, but don’t feel obligated to stop there. Many of these styles would also look great ladies!! with tights full or cropped and casual skirts and dresses. April says to find out more about these or any other shoes you may visit  or Scan_Pic0153

2013 Fall lipstick tips:

April burns, bridal& beauty Expert, Fashion Designer, says That it’s all about the bold and bright matte lipstick, but wonder what shade would work for you?’ ” Go with a color you’re comfortable with, but push it a bit,” says bridal& beauty Expert April burns. ”if you wear peach, try tangerine. Pick your poison stains offer long-lasting matte cover-age but can be tricky to apply since they set almost instantly. April says for easier, one-step mattes, opt for a liquid lipstick that dries to a creamy matte finish. She recommends stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Beso and aria sales at $22 each; for more info log on to

Fashion Designer & bridal expert, shares her tips.
Fashion Designer & bridal expert, shares her tips.