2013 fall bridal season.

Your getting ready for the big day your planning your wedding!!!.. And you need a DJ, Fashion Designer, Bridal & beauty Expert, April Deshaynior burns, Suggest you call around and speak with a few DJ’S And listen to their style of music, have a meeting to show them what your music, Idea’s are. to see if your a good fit. April also says when it comes to lighting: Don’t over look your lighting you won’t all your Decor, to be seen. as far as the number of bridesmaids, she recommends 3-6 not so many, keep it small. And simple The choices would become harder with all the bridesmaids. Picking Your dress in a timely manner she says a bride should begin this journey 6-12 months a head.cropped-scan0235.jpg

Dating in style

Are you chasing your man, ladies, if you are then stop it now!! as a man he will be turned off by it. Example if a man says sweetie, i need a little space or sometime too think things over he may even say your calling to much wow” but this is okay ladies, because you shouldn’t keep wanting someone who doesn’t want you back plain and simple where there’s one fish there are more where that one came from and if he’s like most men who has pressure on him, than you’ll only ad too is already list of problems. So remember to never lose your edge, cause when you do the relationship  loses it’s fire. Think of him as the match. You are the striking board on the back of the match cover. When the rough edge or sand wears off and starts to become dull, it is much harder to get that spark. Example if he’s asking for that space or for you to leave him alone. You must give it to him if he wants to move out then ladies, pack his shit and let the man go clearly he don’t want you or don’t value what he has and it’s his lost not yours. So keep your independence and do have a fabulous life with or without any man. Hey!!!! http://tips.aprilburn.com/wp/admin for your dating/empowerment and fashion/bridal style tips. Scan_Pic0134.jpg

Fall fashion tips

What we’re doing fall- it’s the perfect time for a closet purge. we’ve partnered with fashion projects, a highly curated designer resale new or slightly worn charity site, to create our very own instyle boutique filled with clothing, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, and more donated by our style helpers, For every purchase you make, 60 percent of the proceeds will benefit girls Inc, an educational organization that helps mentor young women across the country on gender, economic, and social issues. You may wish to contribute too check out this month’s organizing story,” conquer your closet” and dig into your wardrobe for donations. A big plus: you can select the charity of your choice at fashionproject.comfall style & beauty tips.

fashion & style expert

April Deshaynior on what fires her up! is helping the everyday women and men feel ready for their close up. Snap, you can do it! April burns, fashion designer, bridal & beauty style expert. Get your style tips today!!

April Deshaynior burns, shares her product/and fall fashion tips. coupled with your dating questions with answers.
April Deshaynior burns, shares her product/and fall fashion tips. coupled with your dating questions with answers.

April’s fall fashion/dating tips as she shares her product tips as well.

Emerging Designers/ experts,

New Designer Names to drop let’s face it: Emerging fashion brands are a dime a dozen. So to help you know which ones are truly worth buzzing about and adding to your rotation, we evaluated the most recent batch of contenders from nnolcha’s new york fashion week this last week and we found those contenders with true staying power. Your look new rising designers who participated in the show. Designer Hanako Maeda For Adeam. Then there’s Marissa webb for Marissa webb.Then there’s Dion lee for Dion lee, Then there’s Katie Ermilio for katie ermilio. Then there’s April Burns for Deshaynior.

Here are some of new york's newest rising fashion designers who showcased their collection this year.
Here are some of new york’s newest rising fashion designers who showcased their collection this year.

Expert on fashion week.

New york ‘s fall fashion week just wrapped. From practical to outrageous, the styles are made to stop on-lookers in their tracks. Fashion designer/bridal expert April burns can share tips with your audience on how to develop their own personal style. April burns can discuss this by answering the following questions: What are some of the hottest trends? How to make some of the runway styles more practical? What role does street style play in fashion week? How can someone develop their own street style?                         Meet April Burns: Nations leading fashion and bridal expert, SAG/AFTRA Actress and print model.Her designs has won best interior design awards in 2008-2009. Tv host and public speaker, She’s been featured in national print ads. To find April’s tips/advice visit as many fashion blogs, as possible as well as here on her fashion/bridal blog at http:tips.aprilburn.com/wp/adminScan_Pic0334

Fall 2013 wedding dresses.

Looking for that fall wedding  gown try to find up coming bridal  trunk shows, take advantage of them all! There are benefits to buying at a trunk show, There is lot’s of great! Sales and discounts and most of all Scan_Pic0331you may get to meet the designer.  You will want to also try on many different gowns! sure it’s fun and this is the only time you will be able to try on so many different types of gorgeous gowns-ballgowns mermaid, to a-line, column, empire, and many more. Plus you may be suprised on how great a certain style looks on your body, which you would have never considered otherwise. For more tips visit http://tips.aprilburn.com/wp/admin and www.dshayniorfashions.net

2013 fall beauty trends: by April burns

The moment for non-shiny polish has arrived! Here, new ways to wear the trend and why a matte topcoat might just be your new BFF. Whether it’s a vampy red that matches your lips or a work-appropriate nude that updates your look, a matte mani is as simple as choosing a color you like in regular polish, then adding a matte topcoat.”Resist the urge to reapply the top-coat if you don’t see instant results,” warns fashion designer/bridal expert, and manicurist April burns, Who says that her own version flat top matte-maker topcoat, $30, a wal-green near you.scan0164