Dating with style:

Here are four tips to working on your marriage or relationship.Tip # 1 Honesty shouldn’t be just a word used in a sentence, but is a basic, rock solid foundation you can build a strong relationship on. Talking to each other with honesty and sincerity.Tip #2 Acceptance isn’t just agreeing on who does what chores or pays the bills. Acceptance is the destination of a relationship where each partner knows the other deep inside themselves. Acceptance is not wanting to change the other person. Tip #3 True love: Bottom line, my beautiful couples, if you truly want each other, find a way to work it out. “Make the time” to be together and enjoy it as if it was your last day together and you will be building a strong relationship that will win over the test of time. Tip# 4 Is take responsibility for yourself. If each of you follows this one rule, the blame game shouldn’t be happening every other day.The responsibility issues may weigh heavier with one partner than the other, but it always takes two for the marriage or any relationship to work or not work.Scan_Pic0270


This signature Luxury, Designer Fabric collection. Ponte’ Knit. ”Looks like a woven, The Designer says of her new collection, This is a fabric. I can’t live without! And a fabric you can practically live in. Amazingly soft, yet finely tailored, this is a foundation fabric for every versatile wardrobe.” With this delicate striped pattern, this is the classic fabric that says summer’. Light and crisp, it never wilts even on the hottest days. And we added just a hint of stretch to keep it’s shape and perfect fit.”Scan_Pic0312

Hot! Summer/skin care tips:

Exfoliate your body it’s very important to exfoliate your skin.Your body sheds skin cells. At an amazing rate every minute of everyday if you don’t get rid of them, they’ll just be sitting on your skin making you look dull and dry. No matter how much lotion you use, your’re never going to have glowing skin if you don’t exfoliate. Drab a body scrub and hit the shower. Gently rub your exfoliator in circular movements on your entire body from the shoukders down. Continue this 2-3 times a week  for the whole year round. Here are a few tipa # 1 hydrate your skin/body with a summer scented lotion. Remember to look for something light fast obsorbing. Gels, and purees care perfect fast absorbers.  Tip # 2 Shave the right way.Find a good razor that won’t cause razor burn. Tip # 3 Get a safe summer glow. You have so many choices when it comes to adding a little summer tint to your skin, and the tanning bed shouldn’t be one of them. Tip # 4 Don’t forget your feet. Winter boots have long since been packed away, it’s sandal season ladies, my product pick is Bliss: Foot patrol, Now go and glow ladies.Scan_Pic0291

Hot! Summer fashions:

Spring/Summer 2013 paris and new york Scan_Pic0310fashion trends. Paris is considered to many to be the fashion capital of the world. But in the united states new york, is the fashion capital. Naturally, one of the many reasons i love visiting  new york is to obsorb the street style, shop the stores, much like paris on my very first trip their one of my favorite stores in paris was the galaries Lafayette department store. And while in new york even in my jet-lagged state of mind, i was immediately impressed and awakened by the opulence and creativity of the visual displays. Everything oozed over -the -top luxury.So in all what trends did i see? Stores stocked an abundance of indian prints, African prints, jungle motifs, bold graphics, bohemian accessories, In terms of the color trend/ forecast. Coral, and cobalt, hot pinks, really took center stage.


Reps , for the Designer says she’s not nor has she ever dated the former NFL star chad johnson who was sentenced this monday.  April Deshaynior reps, says though Scan_Pic0232the rising star has met chad at several local miami parties, she’s never dated him.

Hot! Summer fashions:

Summer top fashion trends for 2013 are fabulous! fresh, sophisticated, sexy, and classic. Let’s face it there’s a reason that classic fashions defy time. Classic fashions are clean understated styles, that can be warn year after year.The fashion classics just never go out of style…… Try fashion mob, and look fashion today! Or follow Deshaynior’s hot summer tips! at or   www.aprilimageconsultant.comScan_Pic0146

Dating like a bad girl,

The typical signs he wants you and your relationship. He takes charge. He is the one who asked you out to begin with and throughout your time together he is the one who sets dates up and invites you. He usually has an idea of what he would like the two of you to do, he makes you a priority. When you call him on the phone he’ll answer you right away, or if not, he calls you back within a  couple of hours. He makes it a point to see you often. He respects you enough to wait. He may have made a play to get you in the sack already, and that doesn’t necessarily means he’s a jerk.Men tend to want to start the sexual side of a relationship before women are ready to. If  he tried and you said no and he sticks around then he likes and respects you and your decision to wait. Now keep in mind all guys, are different so just because some act this way don’t mean he’s wanting a serious relationship with you. So do keep all your options open.cropped-Scan_Pic0188.jpg

Summer fashion finds for men.

Denim summer shorts, for men. Just because there are dozens of jeans,their magic wears off the second they are cut-off.Cut-off jeans are unattractive and out of style.That’s if they we’re ever in style. Let’s face the facts guys, twelve year old’s can pull off a fashion disaster and yet look cute. Bicycling shorts the other summer shorts no-no happens to be bicycling shorts. unless you plan to go pedaling down the road, there’s  absolutely no reason for you to ever be seen in one of these.Unless you just like them then you go boy!for more info email us.Scan_Pic0235

Summer fashion Finds:

Short summer dress my favorite piece of summer for women clothing for women is a short summer dress. Summer is the perfect time to try something different than the jeans you’ve been wearing all winter long.Get into a short colorful dress to show your legs and feel like a woman again, my favorite is a cheerful yellow, short dress with embroidered detail on the hem line. This dress has a square neckline and works well with any color high or low heels. It is to accessorize as it is one color.scan0163