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So what is it about the” bad boy” that creates this powerful uncontrollable attraction in women? First let me tell what it’s not. It’s not that women are attracted to the abusive, mean negative part of the bad boy” personally.I think that these jerks just happen to also possess several associated, attractive qualities that are so powerful they literally make women blind to the abusive behavior because they want these other qualities so badly: unpredictability, uncontrollability , challenging dominance. So when presented correctly, they trigger the natural attraction mechanism inside of women. And” bad boys” have taken these natural qualities that are so attractive to women and made an art of them.IMG_0187

Fall fashions finds:

A tweed swing  jacket  uses witty details like covered buttons and pretty pleats  to liven things up. There ate the clothes we want and clothes we need. The trick is putting want and need together. SO that’s what we did. We created a piece that go from a meeting to a movie, from car pool to concert: clothes you can’t live without. It’s fashion that doesn’t sacrifice function- in a word, versatility . Now you can love the clothes you’ll live in and discover why we call them dispensable.” for more on these amazing style tips and or too book a style appointment with April Deshaynior contact April Deshaynior at news personality. or

Fall Fashions finds:

The season of coats! and  Jackets whether it hits the knee or is cropped at the waist,fashion has totally warmed up to whether it’s a blazer, Jacket, The Jacket that changes it’s personality to fit the women who wear it- every age, every style. It’s simplicity itself: classic in cut, fabulous in fabric, flattering in fit. So believe in who you are, just as you are right now, in any size or any shape. Then wrap this perfect gift and present it to the world.For more info about how to and what to pair your fall/winter Jacket with do contact us at www.aprildeshaynior.comScan_Pic0303

Bad girl dating.

Is he into me or do he even still loves me at all. Here are some tell tell signs he’s not that into you anymore.Tip #1 He’ll spend less time with you.Cause a man in love will do what ever it takes to be with a woman he adores.Excuses means he’s not feeling you anymore. Tip#2 He’s critical/cold towards you. When a man has one foot out the door he’ll start being unkind.Don’t allow him to damage your self-esteem. Tip#3 He don’t return your phone calls or text messages. Once you feel he’s neglecting you& your needs, any day now he’ll most likely move on. Of course their are plenty of more signs he’s not that into you so stay tuned.scan0279

Bad girl dating.

He likes you/he maybe even falling in love with you. Three signs does he wants to spend a lot of time with you.Maybe hanging out with friends just don’t seem right. he’ll do little things just to get your attention. Tip #2 He thinks of you your birthday,  wants to spend time with you with you during the holidays, he calls you more than usual. Tip#3 The big one he introduces you to his parents/family friends. Tip#4 He sets up romantic dates without you having to suggest it.Scan_Pic0056

Emmediate Release May12,2013

April Deshaynior SAG/AFTRA actress, Tv host, Fashion Designer, Has Joined the Ranks of celebrities, who have created their own fragrances. By adding a fragrance to that already long list of many other talents, the fragrance is due out this December, April noted that the scent came about and inspired by the scents her grandmother  wore when she was a little girl, April describes the scents as a combination of cinemon and spices, I had a very  creative and stylish grandmother-she never left the house without carefully coordinating and styling from her head to toe, said April during an phone interview with instyle editors, it wasn’t Just an original smells, from, spices,vanilla, cinemon, nutmeg, these we’re some of the notes she wanted to include in her own unique scent.April has been working  with Lynn wilson, of fragrance resources to put her scent together. The sizes will range in 6.7 oz. body lotions,$45, and 3.9 oz. for $69 will be offered as well a 1.7 oz for $ 44 also included are bath and shower gels, for$28. April created and designed the bottle herself, the outer boxes combines art nouveau and vintage touches.” I wanted it to represent different senses and layers of every woman which is what i strive to do eachday at Deshaynior design house, said April, speaking of her apparel and accessories line, all named after the designer herself. I create attention to the way that i create and vision my designs, cause there are many different parts to every woman. So i wanted to create a very elegant, bottle but not to girly, girly, April’s also gearing up for her print advertising, which will be shot by susane manor, and will begin running in December fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine,” ice cream magazine, I consider myself a girly girl, so i love to take photo’s saids April of the ad. Susane knows how to shoot and make it be feminine, girly, and sexy,The Designer saids she loves to empower women. And nothing brings that to life like a fragrance.For now the scent will be sold online and throughout florida, Industry resources estimated that the scent would do upwards of 10-20 million at  retails in it’s first year on counters and online retailers, April is said to be launching a second pillar fragrance in september of next year, she is also working on her winter 2013 new men’s collection as far as her next steps in beauty, April Deshaynior said she’d like to focus on makeup and a hair line, being i love them both I’m also good at both. It would Just make sense for me too launch those next, but  Just like clothes, hair is something where i know and love. So I’m sure I’ll be focusing on that sometime soon in the near future. She said For more info contact Josh Mitchell at PR Firm.Scan_Pic0301