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Tell us, what your fashion challenges and struggles are? any fashion tips you’d like to share with our community. You may also feel free to follow April Deshaynior  to keep up with the diva’s latest in fashions and or too like her fan page at  as well as vimeo, also Google plus, and many more some of you mentioned to april that she should have a donation button hear on the blog site well if you want to help the designer join her at St. Judes foundation it’s a Scan_Pic0139.jpghospital that helps families pay for medical care for their kids who are either dying or are in need of medical treatment April is a proud partner/member helping fight for the cause. Join St. Judes today.

Hot new designs

Take a look at the designers latest creations due out this July 2013, the pieces can be purchased at and you may also schedule your style Apt with the designer at or dniornior@yahoo.comScan_Pic0275


April Deshaynior Arrives on the Redcarpet at the Awards Gala, in Hollywood Ca, November 17, 2012 with actor chriss Anglin, Aretha Gray, from the hit Tv show Betty off the Rocket with legendary actress betty white, www.aprildeshayniorfashions.comScan_Pic0232

hot fashions

The Classic look never goes out of style. it is timeless beautiful, but simple, cuts in clothing, fine natural fabric fabrics, and leather shoes and handbags.Tradition is important to her. A classic woman may wear a black Armani suit, black turtleneck and a black slack. So if your not into fashion trends then stay classic you can never go wrong.Scan_Pic0199

Style bags.

Are you still looking for that” it” bag of the new season? check out the new Jason wu handbagds for the hottest months of 2013 and see whether any of the new season handbags appeal to you. The new Jason wu bags for spring/summer 2013 combine practicality with modern vibes that are sure to attract attention instantly. bags.comScan_Pic0213


Fashion Designer, SAG/AFTRA actress, tv host, April Deshaynior enjoyed a great time out with the legendary Famed Golfer Tiger woods, and The o’neal basket ball Legend.At a new York Redcarpet After party event.Scan_Pic0229

Featured in February 2013, Banana Fusion magazine, Fashion Designer April Deshaynior, for information about that issue contact Josh Mitchell with wickidpissa publicity or go to www.bananafusionmagazine.comScan_Pic0056


Featured this month of march 2013, Issue of  ice cream magazine is some of hollywood’s brightest and talented stars, Fashion Designer, Actress Tv host, April Deshaynior, Artist Alicia keys, Movie producer Tyler perry, many more to view this month ice cream magazine issue you may find them at any of your local sweetbay super stores.magazine issue


the Designer is indeed on the high rise featured in this month of march 2013, Ice cream magazine issue with some of Tampa fl, and Hollywood Ca, Hottest  Stars/Entertainers as well as up& coming stars, featuring Artist Alicia keys, Movie producer, actor Tyler perry, Fashion Designer SAG/AFTRA actress April Deshaynior, Actress Kerry Washington from the hit Tv show Scandal. Copies of the issue may be located at your local Sweetbay Super Stores or you may visit www.IcecreamMag.comScan_Pic0270